Why you should hang on to your eps file

Designers should provide an eps file when they create a logo, but one of the most frequent tasks we have to do at ads is recreate a logo when new clients can only find a jpg file to send. Jpegs are great for photos, but not good for logos. This is because the pixels they are made up of become fuzzy when you expand them.

An eps file is made up of points and curves which scale precisely.


Lost the original files?

Don’t worry if the original files can’t be tracked down, we are tried and proven at reproducing logos, but maybe it’s time for a refresh anyway?

Why not give us a call, one of our designers would be happy to talk you through the process.


If you want to view an eps file, are working on a windows pc and don’t have illustrator, an easy way is to change the file extension to .pdf and open it with Acrobat Reader.

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