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Having a strong website in this digital age is crucial. A poorly constructed website will likely put the customer off and make them look elsewhere. To ensure this doesn’t happen, the business needs to try and master two important components of a successful website: a visually pleasing and functional design combined with a true focus on the customer journey.

Customer journey mapping is vital for a positive return on investment. Without focusing on your customer’s journey, it can leave them feeling lost and not knowing the most efficient way to navigate your website, resulting in them exiting the page. Try to walk in your customer’s shoes – this will not only help you understand your customer’s desires, but it will allow you to empathise with them.

Here at ads, we are dedicated to making our client’s websites work for them. Building a website that will stand out from the crowd needs to start with the business defining their objectives and how they would like their customers to use and journey through the site.

Firstly, we will work closely with our client on a website audit exercise, to identify how their current website is being used.

If our client needs a brand-new website, we will then proceed to show them how a customer can potentially transition through the pages and reach the desired outcome. Whether that desired outcome is for the customer to get in contact with the company or to make a purchase or donation.

In a recent job with one of our clients, Oxford Wood Recycling, we have viewed unprecedented results. In the month of September, their page views doubled, rising by 169% from the previous month. There was also a huge percentage increase on the pages per visit, with the users clocking an average of 8.12 pages upon their visit to the website, this is a massive 236% increase from August’s numbers. But the icing on the cake was the 95% decrease in bounce rates, with only 2.9% of users navigating away from the website after viewing only one page.

Web design isn’t all about the colour and images, it’s the working out what your customers want to know and see, then making their journey there as simple as possible. It’s about the simplicity in the design work married with the most effective way of getting the visitor from A to B, without making it seem like a chore.

Our web design services range from small static sites, right the way through to full content managed and e-commerce web development solutions. Whatever our client’s needs, we will make each website look visually outstanding, whilst being bespoke to their requirements. Providing the client with an excellent return on their marketing investment and a website to be proud of.

Get in touch for a chat about how we can propel your website to the next level, give us a call on 01993 885122. Or visit our office in the beautiful West Oxfordshire countryside for a coffee and chat.

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