abingdon school

Abingdon School is an independent school known for its high academic standards and broad range of co-curricular activities.

our brief

For several years, ads creative solutions have worked with Abingdon School to run integrated marketing campaigns to attract registrations for their open days and increase admissions to their prep and senior schools.

what we did

Our analytics showed that Facebook advertising proved to be an increasingly successful platform for Abingdon School to reach their target audience and generate registrations to open days. We recommended additional marketing effort was focused towards this channel and ran a series of three to four Facebook advertising campaigns throughout the year.

For the prep school we implemented a stand-alone campaign targeted at Facebook users who were parents in a specific age range, with children under 12, living in selected postcodes. Taking a different approach for the senior school and sixth form, we ran two separate campaigns aimed at parents and students. We added interests to the selection criteria to engage the students themselves and attract them to Abingdon School’s array of co-curricular activities such as sports, drama and music. We included key messaging about the new sixth form centre and bursary opportunities along with a clear call to action.


In 2018 five campaigns achieved:


average reach per campaign

website visits