blanchford building supplies

Rooted in Oxfordshire, Blanchford has been a leading supplier of building materials for over 75 years. More recently opening kitchen and bathroom showrooms to serve both their trade and retail customers.

our brief

Having completed a new online store for Blanchford, we were asked to implement a digital campaign to drive new traffic to the site and help to generate sales.

what we did

The key to the success of a pay per click (PPC) campaign is determined by correctly identifying the search terms prospective customers are using when looking for products and services.

Specific key words can then be set up in Adwords and other online advertising platforms.

Advertisement text was written to ensure messaging corresponded with customer’s expectations and to highlight the company strengths.

Analytics installed on the back end of the website, monitor traffic generated by PPC. It’s all about the quality of the lead, a website visit can be tracked by individual key words, so campaigns can be tweaked and optimised to hit the right audience.


Blanchford Building Supplies reported that the combined impact of PPC advertising driving traffic to their new e-commerce website generated an increase in sales within the first three months that topped sales for the whole previous year.


Return on investment in the first quarter